"The Price of a Stolen Childhood":
A Story About Two Victims of Child Pornography
and Their Efforts to Obtain Justice

This Sunday’s New York Times Magazine cover article, “The Price of a Stolen Childhood”, tells the disturbing story of two victims of childhood sexual abuse, the trauma they continue to suffer from the widespread, worldwide trafficking of their images over the Internet by pedophiles, and efforts by their lawyers to obtain some measure of justice for them. Freeman Lewis LLP is proud to be working with Attorney James Marsh and University of Utah Law Professor Paul Cassell, in legal proceedings around the country to represent “Amy”, one of the victims featured in the story. We recently reported on a case we filed with Mr. Marsh in the United States District Court in Washington State on Amy’s behalf against a defendant found to possess images of her being sexually abused as a young child. Click here to read the Report.

We urge you to read this important article which forces us to think about how we can do better at protecting our children from sexual predators.

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